Felhasználó leírása

Clean soft surfaces like rugs and drapes by first removing visible contamination like dirt, particles and smudges, then cleaning with appropriate cleaners and laundering with water on the warmest setting per manufacturer instructions. Dry soft surfaces completely. We've had them every two weeks for over a year now . they clean the whole house. the workers are very polite. were normally not home, but they've never broken anything, so im assuming that they are careful. we like the quality and dependability. we tried another service years ago, but they stole some checks from us, so we were reluctant to try it again. but prestigious cleaning is a local Kennesaw company, and the owner is well thought of in the community, so we thought we give it another try. my wife and I both work, and weŕe not always home, so we needed someone that we could trust--that is the biggest thing. I would give them an A.