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4 astronauts may leave the Worldwide Space Station on Sunday without their replacement crew having arrived to take over, NASA announced Thursday, but the timing remains uncertain due to weather conditions. The 4 members of the Crew-2 mission, including a French and a Japanese astronaut, are attributable to return to Earth this month after spending about six months on board the ISS. Normally they would have to await 4 different astronauts -- three Individuals. A German from the Crew-3 mission -- to arrive aboard the space station to take their place. However the takeoff of the next mission's rocket, which had already been postponed several occasions and had been rescheduled for this weekend, was as soon as once more canceled because of unfavorable weather circumstances, farmacia canada en linea NASA said in a statement. Because of this, the space agency is now considering returning Crew-2 to Earth earlier than Crew-three launches. Crew-2 back to Earth could be at 1:05 pm Sunday Florida time (1705 GMT), NASA said. A withdrawal alternative is feasible on Monday, NASA added, with out giving a particular timetable. Once detached from the ISS, pharmacie canadienne the capsule will begin a journey of several hours, the duration of which can vary vastly relying on the trajectory, and can then land off the coast of Florida. The closest launch alternative for the Crew-three take off is at 9:51 pm on Monday (0151 GMT Tuesday), farmacia canada en linea however only if NASA doesn't return Crew-2 on Sunday or Monday. Crew-three is scheduled to take off aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Area Heart in Florida, where astronauts have been in quarantine for farmacia canada en linea days. The two missions are being carried out by NASA in collaboration with SpaceX, which now gives common missions to the ISS from the United States. NASA's Business Crew Program supervisor farmacia canada en linea Steve Stich. farmacia internazionale canada en linea