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bull; Expanded Wrestler Personalities. The new card style includes some fresh ratings wrinkles: Girl Kym's "Fade to Black" finisher, for example, is less effective against wrestlers with the FAVORITE quality. Ruslan uses a different and better SPECIALTY move when he's winning the match. Also, we've included catch-phrases for many wrestlers which we hope will help make your story-lines with even more vibrant. Nuke Newsome: "You're gonna blow up real good!"The Mortician: "My condolences in this time of sorrow."Dixie Dash: "It's so good to see y'all!" Powered by ® SteamTotal Members 33028 Yes, according to Omega in his Talksport interview. A major drawback of recent WWE games was the seriesrsquo; inability to keep up with new signings, surprise departures or other roster changes in a similar vein to FIFA, Madden, NBA 2K or MLB The Show. Omega says changing the perception of wrestling games staying locked for an entire calendar year is a priority for both AEW and Yukersquo;s.