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Though Windows turned the game into a way for people to idle time in front of a screen, solitaire has long been the one of the best ways for an individual to escape the clutches of boredom. On rainy days, or when the power is out after a storm, one of the best ways to pass time is classic solitaire. Welcome to 247 Klondike.com, a smorgasbord of all things Klondike Solitaire! Stimulating and best of all free(!) 24/7 Games Klondike Solitaire games are always available for your playing pleasure. Play One Card Klondike Solitaire as often as you like and always be improving your Klondike Solitaire skills! Keep track of your ever increasing solitaire accomplishments online as 247 Klondike.com will automatically record your high score! One-suit spider solitaire uses 104 cards of spades and two-suit spider solitaire uses 104 cards including spades and hearts.